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Tune into frequencies of love and light. Receive wisdom, guidance and insights from higher beings of our Galaxy and beyond 
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Learn to channel with the Pleiadians who provide you with step by step guidance to open to your own higher beings of love and light
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Release karmic patterns and programming to live in the truth of who you are. Heal trauma, imbalances, blockages and more

trauma healing SESSIONS

These are deep healing, channeled sessions for those of who are ready to actively work on healing deep layers of trauma, abuse, neglect, PTSD, negative belief programming, mind control, suicidal ideation, addiction and other limiting factors that hold us back from living a life filled with, love, peace and joy. In this course we will work deeply with channeled guidance / transmissions, visualizations/meditations, trauma release therapy, inner child healing, regression therapy, curanderismo, including shamanic healing techniques, energetic healing, light language and other healing activations shared by spirit. This is powerful work that can shift and heal trauma, abuse patterns and addictions that have been present for many years.

About Us


“We are the Pleiadian Collective, we are a group of 5th Density beings that have been working with the channel that you know as Michael for some time now. We bring you this message today to welcome you to the website that we have collaborated on, to bring a space of healing and light for those who wish to receive it. Our guidance, wisdom and messages of love are available to all those willing to listen and receive them. We invite you to connect with us in more detail in a private Galactic Channeling Session and through any of the free videos and channelings that are available on this website!"


– The Pleiadian Collective channeled by Michael Thornhill



I am Michael Thornhill, Universal Citizen and Channel. I work with beings of love and light from across the Galaxy and beyond to bring healing, insight and transformation to people’s lives.


I am a trained Curandero, Reiki Master, Galactic Channel,Cosmic Energy Healer and adept at many forms of mediumship and shamanism. We currently reside in Pisac in The Sacred Valley Peru, where I am offering, Ayahuasca Ceremonies, Noya Rao Dietas, Online Galactic Channeling, Cosmic Energy Healing, Learn to Channel Sessions and Courses. I also provide all these services in person for people in and around Pisac.


When not in The Sacred Valley, I Iive and work in the jungle surrounding Iquitos, Peru. Here I am continuing my life-long training on the path of curanderismo directly with my Maestra, Noya Rao and our Galactic Friends.

I am here to help bring you into alignment with your Higher Self, to open doors to possibilities to see yourself more clearly and to begin to understand the wonders of the Universe that are helping you every step of the way.

Here is where worlds collide and open up doors to new realms, where conscious contact with new beings is a daily prospect. Join me in communion with our Galactic Friends and team of beings of light to understand more about yourself and the

Universe we live in.

Read more about me

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Sonia S. - France

"I had a really insightful and deep connection during my first session with the Pleiadians and Michael as a channel. Our first session helped me to open to and trust my gifts, my guides and myself in a empowering way.

 I immediately felt comfortable and safe around Michael’s energy. His generosity , beautiful work ethic, support and love are amazing qualities that leads to potent readings. I was so stoked by the loving and caring energy involved in Michael’s work that I have signed up to go deeper in the channeling work and I am doing now their 6 week learn to channel course! I highly recommend having a session with Michael and the Galactic beings that he works with."

- Sonia S 

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Jetter G. - USA

"I had my first session with Michael yesterday, and it was profound. I asked questions I have been milling over for years now, and the answers I received struck me directly into my heart, and opened me up in a way I wasn’t expecting. Im so excited to take that knowledge and consciously carry it through the rest of my life. The experience we shared put me in a place of pure presence which allowed everything else in my life to disappear while I received the pure loving knowledge from the Pleiadian Collective. I left the conversion feeling so vibrant and new. I can’t thank Michael enough for such a magical real experience. In Love… Jetter"


Vic C. - Canada

“My short session with Michael was filled with nuggets of wisdom for the work I am currently doing helping to navigate people through their healing process. I gained a lot of confidence and faith in myself immediately after the session and it continues to grow each passing day. I have also been able to access more self-love and have been trusting my intuition more and more. Its been rewarding to see the impact its having on everyone around me. This session really allowed me to grow as a human being and I am incredibly grateful for it. Thanks Michael” – Vic C.

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