Galactic Channeling and intuitive readings are to connect you to your higher beings and guidance to allow you to live your life freely and in the truth of who you are.


If you are interested in knowing more about your higher path and purpose, love relationships and more, book a reading today.


The readings are available to you through an online booking system where you can easily choose a time that suits you and confirm a reading. You will receive confirmation & preparation by e-mail just choose a time and date that works for you. The sessions will be over Skype or phone call t


Intuitive readings can open up doors that you have not known were available to you before, to see past your own limitations. With guidance from above a clearer  and bigger picture is presented assisting you in making high vibrational choices in your life.


I provide you with an open channel to receive and communicate with your higher guidance, from the Pleidians, Sirians and other beings of love and light that are guiding you in this lifetime. Guidance may be directly spoken through me or I may be given information to pass on to you depending on who is channeling through me.


Anyone can book a session, you do not need to have inuitive to be able to communicate with higher guidance and you may find yourself receiving information directly in the session too! (We all have intuitive gifts!)


I will open the session with a meditation and prayer inviting in all of our higher guides,  & beings of love and light, our higher selfs the Pleidians, Syrians, Arcturians, Orion, Ra Conciousness,  Angels, Jesus, Mary Magdalen, Mother Mary, Plant Spirits and Guides, Mineral Kingdom and surround us with a channel of love & light connecting us directly to source. I will say a prayer to ensure that all guidance is received for our highest greatest divine good and then the session will commence. Sometimes we start with information that flows through to begin the session or we may go into your prepared questions and receive answers directly from the cosmos.

Energies will also be transmitted in the session. You may feel different feelings and sensations as they work on you. The energies that the words carry are so much more than what you hear as higher vibrational energies are transmitted to you.


Feedback is an important part of the process as questions are answered you are able to open dialogue with the higher guidance to understand more of what it is they are saying. Higher guidance can be presented in a roundabout way. This can seem non-linear yet provides a greater learning experience as you make your own realisations throughout the process too, receiving the answer to your question and more than you thought you needed to know.


Making a booking can be an experience in itself as you open yourself to higher realms of consciousness that you may not believe exist. If you have any questions please drop me an e-mail and I will be happy to answer you. If you can not find a slot on the online booking system, I will make a time that works for you available. Know that if you are reading this some part of you wants to open up to a greater understanding of life, the universe and all that is!


A reading can sometimes be a difficult process bringing things up that we do not want to see about ourselves Emotions can come to the surface which are ready to healed/revealed and released. Know that you are divinely guided and supported throughout your whole process by beings of unconditional love. Inner work is how you change your outer reality and  with every challenge comes more love freedom and understanding into our lives.



Energy healing is like a movie that plays, you don’t have to do anything just turn up and be present. The movie will play from the beginning until the end , you know that something has happened but all the pieces may not fit together until sometime later. Healing has taken place.


Some energy healing sessions can be more interactive, like you are the main character in the movie and the directors (higher energies) will ask you to be more involved.


I studied as a Reiki Master in Dharamshala, India with one of world’s most renowned Reiki Master’s, Usha XXXX. I also study curanderismo (Shamanism) and plant dietas in Peru. The main Master Teacher plant is Noya Rao, a tree that holds unconditional love for all beings on the planet. She watches carefully over each client as they uncover traumas and blockages that have held them back from their true self. She guides the energies from all of the traditions into unified peace love and harmony. These sessions are powerful, loving and caring unifying energies from all over the universe into one healing moment. You can experience bliss and harmony as your body rebalances itself to its natural state, a state of natural healing and regeneration.



Discover a higher alignment with yourself, free yourself from old trauma, bring higher energies of love and light into your being, open yourself to more joy, relaxation, tranquility, a restart and cosmic reboot!




Integrating experiences is a highly necessary part of working with Ayahuasca, any other plant medicines or psychedelics.  Ayahuasca integration is when you take the experiences from a ceremony and apply the learnings to every day life. Integration turns experiences into life changes.


Ayahuasca is a powerful catalyst for change when used appropriately in a ceremonial setting and can often reveal truths that are hard to digest or handle. When we see these truths for ourselves it can be a moment similar to Neo in the matrix when he realizes that he cannot go back. Once something has been seen it cannot be unseen. We can try to bury it further but truth will continue to reveal itself again and again until we face it.

This can be challenging to integrate these truths into our lives and having help available makes this process easier. Ayahuasca integration is about making changes in your life that reflect the lessons you have learnt. If we do not incorporate these changes often our reality will reflect back bigger lessons or situations until we decide to act upon the wisdom we have received.  For example you may find out in an Ayahuasca ceremony that your job is not something that is aligned with your highest path and it is time to look for another one. If you do not act on this information your  job may get increasing depressing to give you another push to find that job you will love, that job that is in line with your life purpose.


In a 60 minute Ayahuasca Integration session we will be able to discuss anything about your life, your ceremony experiences, challenges you are having post ceremony. I am here to make your transition more comfortable and work with integration tools that guide you to your own truth. Integrative methods will be learnt and you can use these any time, not just in our sessions. These integration sessions are about empowering you to life your life to the fullest, to trust yourself, your body and use your own intuition. I work with plant guides and spirits, plant dietas, higher beings, cosmic connections and intuition to guide you safely through each session.


Sometimes when we go back home, experiences can seem like a distant dream or something imagined or made up. The body stores trauma from life and holds truth deep inside. We will work on accessing this information through integrative practices and methods.  I have helped 100s of people on retreat Ayahuasca Foundation in Peru where I live, work as a facilitator and continue to study curanderismo with the plants. I have worked with addiction, trauma, sexual abuse, ritual abuse, childhood trauma, PTSD both in and out of retreat setting. I have my own experience in surviving all of the above too, most of the work that I have done with this has been without Ayahuasca . I have integrated and accessed deep parts of my subconscious through integrative methods outside of ceremony.  Ayahuasca was the catalyst but the real work is what I have done at home. This has been highly beneficial as I have not relied on Ayahuasca to heal me. I know that I can heal myself and that the plants have taught me how to do this. I would be honored to share my experiences with you and help you get back to your highest potential.


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