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PREPARe for your session


"We would like to introduce ourselves, we are a group of beings known as the Pleiadian Collective. We have been working with this channel, (Michael) for sometime now, bringing your world messages of love and light . We have prepared some information for you below that will assist you in preparing for your Galactic Channeling Session. We look forward to talking with you in person, so to speak.


  1. Light a candle and place it near your bed or chair. The candle brings light energy into the room and surrounds you with light for the session. If you would like to do any energetic cleansing of the space or yourself with Sage, Palo Santo or Frankincense etc. then you may do this but this is not essential.

  1. Please ensure that you have water with you and tissues at the ready should you need them. Sometimes emotions surface as we delve deep into the subconscious. Water helps emotions to flow through the body

  2. as we dissolve old patterns.

  1. Get yourself into a meditative state. This can be as simple as taking 5-10 minutes to sit or lie comfortably and breathe in new loving energy and breathing out tension stress and worries of your day. Trust that your breath will guide you into a deeper, meditative more relaxed state and prepare you for the channeling session. Should you wish to meditate for longer we would always encourage meditation as a way to expand your consciousness. Allow your mind to rest and allow more expansive states of consciousness to come into your awareness, as you realise you have never been alone and you are guided on this journey. The beings of love and light surround you for your highest good and prepare you to receive their guidance in the session.



Preparing Questions


Preparing questions is an important part of the channeling process. It allows us to see clearly what is on your mind helps you to see clearly what your heart desires to know and creates a space for these questions to be answered. By writing these down on a piece of paper, you clearly state to the Universe that this is what you want to know and in turn the Universe will provide these answers for you.  Number the questions in order of importance.  Bear in mind that these answers might not be quite what you are expecting but will always lead you to a greater understanding of the universe and life itself. Sometimes we will answer several of your questions in one go before you have asked them all. Sometimes we may choose to ask you a question in more detail to get a greater understanding of what you really want to know, what is the core subject of what you want to find the truth of and help you to get clearer on what it is that you really want to know. This process is fun and exciting for us as we get to see ourselves more clearly through our interactions with human kind. We thank you for this opportunity to work with you and expand our consciousness.


Tips on Preparing Questions

6-7 for 30 mins

12-14 for 60 mins


We will answer all questions to the best of our ability, Here are some pointers on how you can get the

most out of the session.


Prepare questions about something that truly is important to you. That you really want to know. Here are some examples of how you can phrase your questions.


How can I achieve this?

What do I need to do to be able to...?

What is my highest potential with regards to?

What do I need to do to achieve this?

What do I need to learn to be able to…?

How can I make a higher vibrational choice with regards to...?


Insights into past lives can be show if they have a relevance to this life. The more that you want to know something the more you will see how important it is to phrase the question. By asking simple yes or no questions you will not receive the teachings to be able to bring experiences into you life.


How can I be a more loving Father?

How can I be a more devoted Sister?

How can I open to more love in my life and relationships?

Why does this pattern keep reoccurring?

What lessons do I need to learn to release this pain?

What do I need to know in order to…?


Is it in my highest path to marry this person?. This may not bring you the answer that you need. This is difficult for us to say if it is in your highest path or not. We can illustrate the lessons that you may learn by marrying this person, what experiences it may bring into your life, the choices that will need to be made in order to make this happen. We can illustrate a magnitude of things, yet it is your will that must decide what is your highest path with the information that we provide to help you make your own highest vibrational choice. The information that we provide empowers you to be the best versions of yourself and to access the wisdom and guidance that you have within yourself. We are an access point to reflect back to you your own truths, to give you the guidance and wisdom to make your own choices.

Guidance that we give is to be checked against your own guidance and wisdom to see if it resonates with you. You can do this by seeing how things feel in your body. Your body is one of God’s greatest gifts and contains within it infinite wisdom. Often our channelings pertain to exercises that help you get in touch with this wisdom to make high vibrational choices within your life. We thank you for investing your time, energy and your money in connecting with us through this channel called Michael. We are happy to assist you on your journey. We bid you good day."


“We are known as the Sirius Collective Consciousness. We are assisting you on your mission on earth and will be working with you closely through your cosmic energy healing sessions. We work with many other beings that are part of your healing journey. We are here in this moment to give you advice on how to prepare for your healing session. The most important thing is to relax and realise that you are in the hands of a healer who has trained in many disciplines and has connections across the Galaxy that will assist you in your healing process. To relax follow the meditative steps outlined above in the Galactic Channeling preparation steps. We have been watching your progress and have been looking forward to working with you in these sessions and beyond. You may feel a warmth in your body as you read this and realise that we have met before in other lifetimes and that we are a part of your galactic heritage. Trust what has happened to bring you here in this moment and trust whatever unfolds as a part of this process. The time has come to let go of these patterns and conditioning that no longer serve you, that a brighter more loving future is in front of you.

To prepare for this session ensure that you have a comfortable place to lie down as you go into a meditative state before and during the session. Water will be required to hydrate yourself following the session as vibrations and toxins that no longer serve you are flushed from your body. We would like to point out that tears and emotions may flow as you release pain and patterning's that have held you back from your true self for too long. We would therefore recommend you have tissues nearby. It would be useful to have something to journal your emotions or feelings after the session. Allow yourself space and time before going back into your daily routine, to integrate the experiences of the session. We would recommend 15-20 minutes of quiet time. The time has come for you to live as your true self to allow you gifts to shine into the world for others to see and receive. We thank you for your investment in these sessions and we send infinite love to you on your journey.”

Please feel free to add the steps from the Pleiadian's into your preparation of the space.

Pleiadian Channeling Preparation
Sirians Energy Healing Preparation
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