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Pleiadian Message for 2019!

This is the Pleiadian Collective, we wish you a very happy new year. We are here to bring you good tidings about the year ahead, the one that you call 2019. This is a very special year for all of you, (including those of you who do not believe that it will be!) This is a time of celebration that you have made it to this milestone, that you have overcome many challenges and difficulties in the year previously. It is about time that you gave yourselves the due credit for all that you have achieved and overcome in this time. We can see that it has not been easy, that it has been challenging and that it has been some of the most important and defining times of your lives. These lessons that you have learned will give you the platform that you need to be able to shine and excel in your true beauty this year! This is the time to put all of those lessons and challenges into good use.

This is by helping others with the knowledge that you have gained from these experiences, to let it shine and flow outwards to be able to reach all those that need it the most. This is how you can help each other this year, by sharing your experiences, by letting people know how you got through difficulties and challenges, so that they may learn how they may do this too! The time of silence and secrecy is over. This will be shown in many areas of your earth structures this year. It starts with you being open and honest with your self about who you are and what you want to do. The time of thinking small and insignificantly is over. This is your time to shine, to realise your full potential and capacity to bring light through to the planet. This can be in a myriad of ways, the ones that feel the most fulfilling, joyful and exciting with be the ones that lead you to your highest path of joy, light and love. This is your time to shine, shine in the way that brings you the most joy, love and excitement. This will resonate outwards and raise the vibration of others around you.

Tests And How You Will Overcome Them

The tests that you face this year will be met in a different way as you have been able to cultivate more love, joy and excitement within each moment, this will assist you with challenges and difficulties that you face. This gives you more opportunity to learn, love and grow by being compassionate and gentle with yourself. That you are able to learn to love yourself through gentle and compassionate means, that this gentle and compassionate side of yourself will help you through challenges with much more ease and grace. This is the time to realise that you have overcome all the challenges that have come your way, that you will be able to do this even more easily to due to the lessons and knowledge that you have gained from these experiences. The times have changed our dear friends. You are more powerful than you have ever imagined was possible. That this power that you have realised is able to be used to create great change within the world and reality that you live in, by changing the way that you see it!

Change Your Reality

The reality is changed by bringing more love and light into each moment, by seeing the lessons and opportunities to learn in each divine experience that comes your way. That this situation has come into your field of experience that on some level you have wanted to experience to be able to gain and learn the lessons from the situation. When you view your reality in this way, you can gain valuable insight into every situation, navigate them with grace, ease and a sense of security, knowing that this is something that you wish to learn to be able to overcome. This is what changes your reality, when you see it in a different way you are able to feel and experience it in a different way.

New Livestream Each Week!

This is our first message for 2019, we have many more coming in the near future. It is important to remember that we can be contacted at any time through your own prayer and meditation practices. We have many exciting experiences that we will be bringing to you through this channel this year. The first is our new Livestream event that will be broadcast live each Saturday at 1.15pm Peruvian Time (PET.) This will be an opportunity for you to ask us questions directly live and receive answers through this transmission over Facebook. This is free, without charge and we will be answering as many questions as possible each week.

New Channeling Courses + Retreats

There is also a new group channeling course commencing in February that will be offered in addition to our private one-on-one learn to channel course. There will be opportunities to learn with us in many different ways this year including a new channeling course and contact retreat in Peru! More information will be released with regards to this soon. We thank you for your commitment to yourselves and raising your own vibration. This resonates throughout the cosmos every moment that you choose to do so. We thank you for your time, send our unconditional love and infinite blessings throughout your journey this year. We bid you good day, we are the Pleaidian Collective”

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Love Michael + Your Galactic Friends

Artwork courtesy of Jetter Green

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