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Pleiadian Galactic News - The time has come to realise who you really are and embrace it

This is the Pleaidians, we bring you these cosmic insights to connect you deeper to the truth of who you are. In each Galactic moment that we connect with you, we are able to bring intelligence, guidance and wisdom to every part of your body. This tunes you to our vibration which we are then able to communicate what we are doing, seeing and feeling within your energy field. This vibration that you feel when you receive these messages is what you may call the truth. This is when your body resonates and vibrates with the truth that is inside you. This feeling of love that emanates from your body is the love that you almost had forgotten, yet in this moment remember that it resonates throughout the Universe! That the All That Is, is made of pure love and light, and that you are a part of the All That Ts. This can take some getting used to but remember that you are a child of the creator, that this creator loves you as he loves himself as you are the form that he has created to remind him of the love that he has within side himself. That your Divine essence is one of the creator and you are one and the same. This light shines down on you in this moment to remind you that you are loved and that you are a child of God. We thank you for tuning in and we look forward to connecting with you soon” – The Pleaidian Collective

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