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Pleiadian Channeling Blog – Learn to channel with the Pleaidans Part 1

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

"This blog is an introduction into channeling, how this channel learned to channel and how you can learn to channel too. We would like to start off by saying that everybody can channel, that it is a natural state of being for you to be able to channel. The first thing to remember is that humans have been channeling for centuries and millions of years. Your history has guided you to believe that humans have not existed for very long however in reality humans have existed on earth much longer than you think. The humans that have walked the earth before you have shown similar traits yet have been more connected to their creator than the majority of the earth population feels now. Why? This is because they were constantly channeling guidance and information from a higher source. Just like this article is also drawing on a higher source of intelligence as it is being written. We would like to illustrate in this article how you can channel and reconnect to the infinite intelligence which is available to you at all times. It is like a radio transmitter that is sending out signals, you only have to tune you receiver to be able to tune into the transmission. This guidance will give the steps and insights for you to be able to start channeling yourself.


Meditate – This is a key part of the channeling process. You will need to be familiar with the state of meditation, to be able to quiet your mind as you open the canvass of your consciousness to be imprinted with the words and visions of other worlds. Meditation is the key to opening your consciousness to a higher vibration that can receive these transmissions. We would like to offer you a guided meditation that can assist you in these channeling states. This will be available to download on our website soon. Sign up for the newsletter to be informed of this availability


When you have become adept at meditation you will be able to open your consciousness to these vibrations and tones that are sent out from beings such as ourselves throughout the cosmos. These transmissions are designed to awaken your consciousness, to bring messages of love and a deeper understanding of the universe, to allow you to flow more freely and comfortably in each moment. We would like to add that this is not a difficult state for you to achieve. All you have to do is be able to concentrate and let go of any thoughts to allow new information to access your consciousness. This is something that improves with practice. The practice allows you to become more adept at hearing and receiving these vibrations and then the harder part…trusting them. This is often one of the challenges that is to be overcome when starting out to channel. The voice can sound similar to the one that is already in your head, yet this voice has a higher understanding of the universe, life itself and the problems that you have come to it to be answered. This voice tells you things that you have always wanted to know yet have never been able to find the answer on your own. That this greater understanding brings a sense of peace, tranquility and love that when you feel it you know that is the truth. This our friends, is a higher consciousness. This is the art of channeling which you have begun to unravel.


This higher consciousness could be your own higher self which is a version of yourself that resides in 6th Density. Your higher self has been guiding you on your journey, now you are becoming more adept at listening to its guidance. You realise that the signs you have been shown is your higher self, creating synchronicities to show you the path ahead. Your higher self is your best friend here on this plane. It is your roadmap on how to get back home to your place in the stars. This map gives your breadcrumbs each day ushering you into the right places at the right time, bringing the lessons and synchronicities into your awareness each moment in a way that you can better understand yourself and the decisions that you have made to bring you into this moment. That is how you can start to channel, firstly accessing higher parts of your own consciousness, becoming familiar with these energies and then eventually moving your focus to work with other entities such as ourselves.


We are the Pleiadian Collective and we would invite you to connect with us through this channel, to learn how to channel, to receive energetic activations that will assist you in opening to channel. You can already channel, these activations move the energetic blockages out of your body mind spirit complex that are preventing you from remembering this innate ability fully. We will also be answering questions on the channeling process in an upcoming channeling video that will be posted on our website. You are invited to connect with us there and send in any questions you have that we may assist the collective with our answers. We invite you to work with us on a one on one basis through Galactic Channeling sessions available through the website and to answer any questions about your own life, to give you a greater understanding of how to navigate the realm which you are currently in. We would like to thank you for connecting with us this day of your earth time, we bid you good day and send blessings to all those who need love in their life, we send it to you infinitely and instantaneously.” - The Pleiadian Collective

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In Your Service,

Michael Thornhill

Universal Citizen + Channel

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