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Pleiadian Channeling Blog - How I learned to channel the Pleiadians and you can too!

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

“We would like to start this blog by introducing ourselves again for those of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting with us so far. We are the Pleiadian Collective. We have been working with this channel bringing messages of love and light from the cosmos to the earth plane for the healing and well-being of humans to receive during their time of need in the ascension process. We thank you for connecting with us and we invite you to connect with us through this channel in more detail through one on one sessions available at

or our learn to channel course

We are connected with this channel today to bring through the message of how he connected to us and how we connected to him, in the aid of others who are seeking to connect with us in your time of searching. We would remind you that we are connected to all of you in some way as we have given parts of our DNA to make up your human bodies. That means we are your ancestors and we are looking after you. Think of us as friendly parents in the sky who have your best interests at heart, want you to learn your own lessons, allow you to make your own mistakes and will never infringe upon your own free will. That means that we can assist you, but you have to make your own choices in this life that you have chosen! This is liberating in the sense that you can control your own destiny and have help from the stars in a myriad of ways that we will explain to you more and more as our relationship develops.” – The Pleaidian Collective

Trip to Guatemala

I first consciously connected with the Pleiadians in November 2017 at Lake Atitilan, Guatemala through a group session with a fantastic channel called Dante. The wisdom and wonder that I received in that short channeling session changed my life forever. I was facing some difficult decisions in my life and the Pleiadians gave me so much empowering information that magnified the light that I already had, to shine it clearly on a path that I could choose to take more easily. I still draw on guidance and information from that channeling session one year on, it has profoundly improved my life in all aspects. I had been opening to channel spirit in other ways prior to my trip and one of my questions was regarding how I could open to channel more. There was a meditation which we participated in, which from that moment became part of my daily practice. This meditation opened-up my perception to higher planes of existence and I made direct connections to the Pleiades, Arcturus, Siruis and Orion. (This meditation will be available to download for free on my website.) I began to remember dreams where I was communicating with the Pleiadians, going onto ships, receiving high vibrational energy healing and becoming aware of their presence in meditation.

“This is when we started to connect with Michael in a more conscious way, he had asked for direct contact with us in meditation each day and we answered his call. As you raise your vibration, we are able to see your energy field and vibration more clearly. This is more similar to the vibration we can lower our own field to be able to match our energy vibrations. This is what allows conscious communication to be possible. We had of course been in contact with Michael prior to this agreement assisting him in ways unseen or unknown yet essential to his ascension process. We would like to state that this was an agreement that he had made prior to him coming to the earth plane. The work that he carries out in this lifetime is in assisting other people connecting with their higher selves and guides in ways that are more accessible than previously known. We are assisting all of you in your process if you are reading this and know that if you want conscious contact with us then all you have to do is ask” – The Pleaidian Collective

Using Crystals to Connect

Soon after I had a very synchronistic meeting with a guy called Shaun who has a ridiculously large crystal collection. He had also been in contact with the Pleiadians and had some crystal recommendations for me to help me connect with them. These are Indigo Kyanite, they are a source of high vibrational energy that is closely matched to that of the Pleaidians. (There are many crystals that you can find online for extraterrestrial contact which can assist you in channeling.) Through progression I realized that these were just a permission slip to help me believe that I could connect. Eventually I realized that all of what I need is in me and my connection, although having tools to help at the start can be a fun way of connecting. It is a stepping stone for us to realise our true nature and I had a lot of fun with them I charged these crystals with my intention of connecting to the Pleiadians, gridded my room with them and would hold one of them in my hand whilst in the meditation that I had recently learnt. I would feel the electric like energy from the crystals entering my being, raising my vibration and they certainly assisted me in connecting to them. It was only couple of weeks after that that I started verbally channeling them.

How you can connect to us too!

“It is a great excitement for us to see connections such as this being formed from the earth plane. We are able to see the intentions and thought vibrations that are sent out into the cosmos by people following their excitement and connecting with us in meditation. This vibration allows us to see someone who wants to work with us in a more extensive fashion and we too are excited to receive these transmissions. These transmissions are your energy reaching us and telling us that you want to connect with us. We are able to respond in ways such as telepathic communication, dream state visits and other ways which we will talk about more in further communications. Our message to you is that you can all connect with us through intention, prayer and meditation. It is your innate ability to be able to connect with us. We encourage your connection to us if you feel drawn to do so. All you have to do is ask through these expanded states of consciousness.”

Contact Event

One evening my fiancé (Jamie) and I had a mushroom ceremony together in which we contacted our higher selves and higher beings of love and light that make up our spirit and Galactic teams. We had become very familiar with our Galactic Friends through the work that we had done with Ayahuasca in the jungle in Peru. Being trained to hold space in the Shipibo tradition we opened the ceremony in a traditional way to hold space for healing energies of love and light to be with us on our journey. (This was one of two ceremonies, the other which was a lot darker yet profoundly healing, I will go into it more some other time.) Plant medicines are great portal openers in which we can do immense healing work. Contact with higher beings is possible completely without any external need for plant medicines, although techniques learnt to channel with plant medicines can be used to connect outside of ceremony. Should you choose to work with these medicines we would always recommend giving them the respect they deserve and working with trained professionals to keep you safe on your journey.

We were contacted by various extraterrestrial groups and held communication and channeled different beings for each other throughout the ceremony. I understood more about my role here on earth and my work here in channeling different entities to assist with the ascension process. We were in contact also with the Pleiadian Collective who made themselves known and that they had received the messages that I had been sending out into the cosmos! They told me that these prayers and intentions were a signal that they had received, that I was ready to realise who I really am and begin the work that we had agreed to do together. Towards the end of the ceremony we were sat outside in this beautiful little garden of the house we were renting, which was situated up on the side of a hill with jungle surrounding us. Jamie had more psychic vision at the time given the fact that she has worked as an intuitive + medium for many years She was able to see a portal open in the sky in front of us that presented three Pleiadian beings as they walked towards us! For me there was some confusion around what was really happening for a moment, Jamie was able to see them clearly like holograms. Jamie was communicating with them telepathically, they told her that they were here for me and they wanted to show me that my call had been heard and they wanted to communicate with me. I cleared my mind and they connected with me, I was able to make out faint outlines of the beings and received communication from them. They communicated and thanked me for the work that I had been doing to connect and raise my vibration. They told me that we would be able to communicate like this forward if I clear my mind and move my consciousness into their realm. By this they meant concentrate on the Pleiadians. They communicated us for a little while longer in this beautiful and serendipitous moment which we are eternally grateful for. Soon after they slowly headed back towards the opening in the sky and returned to where they had come from.

Doubting the channeling process

I was battling some doubt with my mind which is often the case when first starting out channeling and is totally normal, learning to trust the messages is a big step in learning to channel. The Pleiadians have said to me before “if you do not trust something 100% then you do not trust it at all, we can give you information, but it is up to you to trust it!” This improves with practice over time, learning to follow your own guidance and intuition to validate messages through vibrations within the energies that you will resonate with or not. In other words, learning how a message feels to know if this is from a high vibrational source of if your connection is muddied with something of a lower vibration. For instance, when I channel the Pleiadians if I feel a fear-based message coming through I know that this is not from them and I will clear my connection and reconnect to the highest vibration of love. It is quite simple and quick to realise this when you have the experience. Jamie and her connection to spirit was important in my path to learn to channel and through channelings with her I continued to learn and open up my channelings. Having another source of information to help validate what I was receiving. The Pleiadans will offer you support to overcome any challenges when first starting out to channel, you can book a session online to help you get started with them and have the foundation you need to become confident in your ability to channel!

We are ready to connect with you

“We are able to communicate telepathically with this channel as he has invested time and energy in developing our connection. This is because he is excited about developing his connection and learning from us. We want you to know that we are waiting for you to connect with us. We are able to be contacted through meditation such as this channel has done so or other means of spiritual development and expansion. We invite you to connect with us through this channel as we have done before for many others, to open our connection to you, to answers your deepest fears and questions, to shed light into each moment, bringing joy and excitement into your life by assisting you in remembering who you really are. We are happy to assist you in learning to channel, or should we say remembering how to channel! We thank you for your time today and look forward to speaking with you soon” – The Pleiadian Collective


More info on Learn to channel course and sessions

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In Your Service,

Michael Thornhill

Universal Citizen + Channel

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