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Dry January + Overcoming Addiction with the Pleiadian Collective

“This is the Pleiadian Collective. We are bringing you this transmission today to talk about the idea and concept of abstinence from substances which you may know as Dry January. This is a collective effort within your planetary sphere to remove alcohol and other substances from your diet for a period of one month. This may be more challenging for more of you than others if you are the type of person who is susceptible to addictive patterns and behaviors based on previous experiences within your lives. This trauma you may have experienced is what is holding you back from living your life to your full potential. It is these traumas that until they are felt fully will continue to hold you back from living the life that you truly deserve and want to live. This is something that we would like to assist you with as we take you through a few short points to help you in feeling these emotions.

1.The emotions stored in your body will stay stored until you are ready to feel them. This means that they will continue to dictate and control your life in a way that you do not prefer until you are ready to feel and release them. These emotions will release in time if you allow yourself to feel them.

2. This is something that you can do at home on your own if you want to. One way to do this is to allow yourself to feel each emotion as it arises rather than stuffing it down with alcohol or other substances. This is something that may feel overwhelming at first, there are many emotions arising that you have not felt for sometime. The desire to stuff them down can get greater as more arise, that is why you can feel yourself wanting to drink alcohol to be able to numb these emotions as they arise. It is something that you will get better at with time as you realise that these emotions are harmful left inside your body and that releasing them is your own path to liberation.

3. These emotions will continue to rise inside your body until you are ready to feel them. This is your body bringing things up to the surface to be felt that are ready to be released. These feelings are what you want to release, what you want to feel, what you want to be free of, yet if you keep stuffing them down, they will continue to arise with stronger feelings and symptoms each time.

4. These feelings will only be powerful if you give them power. If you allow these feelings to take control of your life, then they will do so. This can be taking situations out of proportion to reality by charging each situation with these emotions. This is something we may call emotional overload, where your body is overloaded with emotions, where you react from these emotions rather than the place of unconditional love for yourself and others. You can work with these emotions by asking each emotion what it wants to tell you, why are you feeling this emotion in this situation? What has happened to me in my life previously that is being reflected back to me in this situation? When you learn to work with these emotions in this way you will be able to take your power back to use these emotions to your advantage to go deeper into your subconscious to uncover trauma from the past which is ready to be felt.

5. This is where you are in your process. Remember this is your process and only you can fully choose to work through your own process in your own time. It is important to remember that you are control of this process and you will be able to experience more love, joy and happiness as you allow it to unfold. This is something that may seem more uncomfortable at first as you are unlocking the mysteries to your addictive patterns and behaviors. As you release these and open up to more love you will be able to continue in your process, the process which you call life and open to even more love, joy and happiness within it!

6. This is something that you can all do. You all have the power within side you to be able to achieve this goal of abstaining from substances for a period of one month. When you have achieved this, you may find yourself wanting to continue with this period of abstinence, given that you have opened to more love joy and happiness within this period. You may choose on a more regular basis to feel rather than numb the pain, as you realise that feeling is the way to your own salvation and freedom from suffering. That feeling is something you have always been able to do that you have just forgotten because of all the pain you have been through. It is important to remember that when you block out the pain you also block out the love. This pain will open you up to more love when you feel it. That you are able to feel all the joys and experiences of the universe when you choose to feel it all.

This is our first introduction on how to deal with addictive behaviors and patterns as they arise. We are happy to assist you in your process through this month of Dry January. We are happy to connect with you in private one-on-one sessions through this channel, that will assist you in your own self-discovery and overcoming addictions within this month and beyond. We invite you to connect with us in our livestreams every Saturday on facebook at 1:15 Peruvian Time where you can ask questions to us in this live session for free each week. The links are posted below this transmission. We are the Pleiadian Collective and we are thankful to be able to bring you this message at this moment of your earth space time. We thank you and we bid you good day” – The Pleiadian Collective

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