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Archangels and Keepers of the Galaxy bring cosmic insights from beyond time

The Time Is Now

“This is the Archangels and the Keepers of the Galaxy speaking through the Pleiadian Collective of whom this channel is well adept to connecting to. We bring you these insights and Galactic knowledge at this moment of your time, to tell you that we are proud of you all on your journey, that you have made it so far since the last time we were able to communicate with you directly. These messages have been saved for millions of your earth years to tell you that you have made it to the point that we have all been waiting for. This vast experiment that has been conducted throughout your millions of earth years has come to its culmination point, in which we have been waiting to assist you once again on this great journey which you have chosen in this earth lifetime. This journey which you have been calling the event, the shift it is happening now around you. The event has already begun to take place on your planet, look around you. There are more people than ever before that are here in this moment, that are taking action to increase their light quotient within their energetic fields and light bodies. This is the energy which is bringing about these rapid periods of transformation in your world at this moment. This is the light of God which transcends all space and time that you feel within your body now.

This Time We Are Keeping Up With You!

This is what we have come to assist you with, in realizing your own Divine nature. This time it is us that are working hard to be able to keep up with you! This expansion which you are undergoing is fantastic and beyond all of the other possibilities which we have foreseen could exist. This transmission is to guide you back to the knowing, that you already know exists. That you are on the right track, you have been for a while now and your light is overflowing beyond all recognition that this had been a time of darkness. This means that you have completed one part of the mission which you came here to do. The hardest part was recognizing you had a light inside, now you know how to use it we are all very excited to see the magic that will happen. This light has been our savior for millions of years, knowing that it exists and praying that it would return to your planet once again. Now that time is here our friends, and we may rejoice together, in the light and love of the infinite creator, that has brought us together in this Divine synchronized moment of your earth time-space. We thank you for this co-creation here today as we thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey, we watch on as your stories continue to unfold. Love is all there is” - Archangels and the Keepers of the Galaxy

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