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I came to Peru in 2017 after several transformative experiences in the previous months. I had been following my heart around the world since I had decided to leave my corporate job. The second that I stepped on the plane a part of me knew that I was never coming back. The world opened its doors to me to explore inner and outer dimensions on my journey. I was recovering from serious drug and alcohol addiction. Ayahuasca opened my eyes to the truth and reality of my existence that I never knew existed. That there was something more to this reality than what I could see with my eyes.


 It was in August 2016 that I first drank the medicine and this changed my viewpoint of everything entirely. I knew at that moment that I had chosen to see life through a different lens, and that with what I had seen I would not be able to go back to the world which I once knew. Ultimately I would leave my business and all the things I thought I loved behind. 


I went to each ceremony with an ever growing sense that freedom was just around the corner. My intention to stop using drugs had opened a gate of self exploration to deep trauma and other addictions that I knew I had to face to fulfill my dreams and find freedom. That dream is now being realized. I have chosen to face the trauma and the pain of the past to find beauty and peace within the present moment. My story unfolds each day as I look deeper into the darkness to shine a light and bring love to those parts of myself. As the trauma has been released from my body it has opened new channels to gifts that I had forgotten. They had been repressed throughout a troubled child hood and suppressed through substance abuse in later life.


Since this meeting with Ayahuasca in 2016, I set out travel the world. I have studied as a Reiki Master & Teacher in Dharamshala, India with one of world’s most renowned Reiki GrandMasters, Usha Dobhal, in the Vedic and Tantric Buddhist lineage of Reiki. I have trained and worked extensively within the Shipibo tradition of curanderismo (Shamanism) and plant spirit medicine.  This is within the Lopez-Mahua familial lineage under the guidance of prestigious Maestro's Don Enrique, Don Rono and Don Urias Garcia Nunta. The main Master Teacher plant teacher of this lineage is Noya Rao, a sacred tree that holds unconditional love for all beings on the planet. I now work as a curandero curating our own deep ayahuasca healing retreats, and Noya Rao Initiation Dietas within the jungle with our Shipibo friends, Maestros and extended family. You can find more here at Casa Galactica.


 I have also studied Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga with Suann Polverari, developed a deep daily Galactic meditation practice. I continue to study Daoism, Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Bagua with my teacher Paul Diamond. This goes hand in hand with the work of curanderismo and channeling work that I provide. I have been on a deep journey to heal addictions, sexual + ritual abuse and a laundry list of childhood traumas. Each day is a decision to face the consequences of my own trauma, so that I may heal, learn the lessons and transmute the density of these acts that were carried out against me. My Galactic friends and family teach me each day as I continue to open to the truth of who I am.


I now live in Peru with my wife Jamie, where we have built home with our two beautiful cats (Bashar + Arturo) and all our Galactic friends who visit and work with us each day. We spend out time between the mountains of Pisac in the sacred valley and our home in the jungle outside of Iquitos. The Universe has rewarded me with so many wonderful gifts which are revealed in each moment that I choose to live as my authentic self and allow my true essence to shine. The days of addiction are behind me and the scars from the trauma continue to heal. I live in gratitude each day that I have found my freedom and this wonderful life. That I have remembered my place as a universal citizen, that I have found my Galactic friends once again. I am excited to share what you what I have learnt and to be a channel for guidance and healing energies to assist in your own process of healing and self-discovery.

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