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ONLINE Chanelling sessions
with the pleiadians



learn to channel with the pleiadians


develop your intuition and psychic abilities


connect to your guides + higher beings of light



learn to channel verbally


learn to channel writing


learn to open other worlds


deepen your channeling experiences


develop your intuition and psychic abilities


LEARN TO CHANNEL via interactive channeling sessions with the pleiadians and other beings of love + light



This is the most important step, to believe that you can channel!




advice + transmissions from the Pleiadians in your learn to channel session


either an individual learn to channel session or the channeling course package




these practices in your own time. The sessions are recorded and will be e-mailed to you after the session




and receive guidance immediately by e-mail



for another session to deepen your channeling practice + experiences

The Pleiadians are here to teach you how to connect to higher beings throughout the Galaxy

“Our learn to channel sessions are about empowering you to connect to your own higher guidance, to open your own connections to your own guides and higher beings of love and light. so that you may consult them on a daily basis, for all of the insights and wisdom and guidance that you need. In these sessions we will teach you practical ways in which you can connect to this guidance and bring this information into your life in a practical way each day so that you can use this guidance to make higher vibrational choices in your day to day life." - The Pleaidian Collective

"If you are looking to open your intuition, to bring wisdom and insight of higher vibrational beings into your life, if you are looking for more than what meets the eye, as you may say, then these channeling sessions are for you. We are very happy to connect with you and share our wisdom so that you may bring our wisdom into your life without the need to connect with us via another channel! We are always about empowering people to remember their own connections to spirit and higher beings such as ourselves and that this is your innate ability in being able to channel higher guidance. We are merely offering a reference point, for you to be able to remember your own true beauty and wisdom in this moment. We are able to offer guidance, insights, things that we have learned along the way. that will help you to remember this more quickly should we say, to help you to develop your abilities in a more fine-tuned fashion, if you like. This will accelerate your ability to be able to tune in to your own guidance and therefore increase your acceleration on your own ascension path.

We offer guided steps and meditations that will empower you to connect to us yourselves to receive our wisdom and, insights and energetic transmissions within the sessions. You will soon be on your way to remembering how to channel and bringing through the information for yourself. We thank you for connecting with us today. And we look forward to meeting with you in a session soon” - The Pleiadian Collective


What to expect when learning to channel with the Pleiadians

These sessions are channeled live with the Pleiadians to open you to channel with them, giving you practical steps and exercises on how to do so! The Pleiadians want to ...
Learn to Channel w/ the Pleiadians 60min

Learn to Channel  with the Pleiadians Online 

6 Week Course -  6 x 1 Hour One on One Sessions

TOTAL PRICE IS $750 FOR 6 SESSIONS "If you would like to accelerate your connection and learning with us, then we offer a more intensive program for those looking to o...
Learn to Channel Course 6x60min Sessions

"We invite you to connect with us in anyway that you feel called to do so. You may connect with us in your own meditation practices, through the meditations that are available online and through this website. If you would like to accelerate your connection and learning with us, then we offer a more intensive program for those looking to open their channeling abilities at a more rapid rate, should we say. This is offered in the form of a program that spans 6 weeks, in which you will partake in a  one on one channeling with us each week. We will provide energetic transmissions to assist in your opening process and give you homework assignments each week to practice before we reconvene. This will allow you to access higher parts of your consciousness that will result in your opening to channel in a more rapid way than was otherwise possible. We would like to say that you can learn to channel on your own, we are merely offering one way in which you can expand to receive messages from beings throughout the Galaxy and beyond!.We will be teaching you ways to connect with us that you have not thought were possible and in ways that are more simple than you have imagined! This includes meditations and practices that will enable you to become very adept channelers, within a very small time frame, given that you practice in your own time what we teach. We are excited to be able to offer this course through this channel and we invite you to connect with us in this way so that you may develop your own connection with us. We are the Pleiadian Collective, we look forward to meeting and channeling with you soon" - The Pleiadian Collective

What the learn to channel course can bring into your life

"Once you have opened to channel you will continue to have learning experiences through meditations and direct contact with us. When we say direct contact, we mean telepathic communication and remembering dream states in where we have been in contact with you. When you continue on this path many doors and opportunities will open up for you as you continue to expand with the Universe. These opportunities may include bringing through information for friends and loves ones, to be able to see more about situations and relationships than you have before, and to open to see things from a different perspective as you are able to consult higher guidance in any given situation. This will give you opportunities to learn and grow in ways that you have not seen before, as these insights allow you to see yourself and others more clearly. This in turn allows you to experience more love, joy and happiness within your life! We would therefore say that learning to channel is not only for those looking to make a career through channeling, but for anyone who is looking for greater understanding, more love joy an happiness within their life." -The Pleiadian Collective

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