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  • How do I book an online session?
    This is super easy :-) 1. Click Book a Session in the top menu or follow this link 2. Choose which session you would like to book 3. Choose a date and time from the online booking calendar 4. Enter your details 5. Pay securely online via paypal. (You can use your debit or credit card via paypal also) 6. Receive an e-mail confirmation with preparation guidelines and instructions
  • How do I book an in-person session in Pisac?
    You can follow the same steps as booking an online session but in the comments session add IN PISAC and you will receive additional information on where we will meet. You can pay online to confirm the session, the same as when booking an online session. If you prefer to pay in cash, then you may contact me via the contact button at the bottom, of every page We can manually arrange the session over e-mail and confirm the in-person session and you can pay cash when we meet
  • How do I redeem a Gift Certificate or use a Discount Code
    1. Go to book a session and choose a session as you would normally do 2. Selecting a date + time 3. Click Enter Coupon Code 4. Enter your code 5. Click the little arrow next to it to apply the discount 6. Click Next to apply your discount code! 7. You can then book the session with the discount or in the case of a gift certificate, without cost!
  • I want to buy a Gift Certficate for someone for a future date, how do I do this?"
    When you have selected the gift certificate of your choice, under the section "What email address should we send it to?" You can change the drop down menu from "Send Instantly" to "Send of a future date" Your gift certificate will be delivered to the e-mail address/person of your choice at your selected date and time.
  • What to expect in the sessions?
    In the section of What I Offer, you can click the links to Galactic Channeling, Learn to Channel or Cosmic Energy Healing. Within these sections there are more information of what to expect in each session. Within the same menu if you click, Prepare for you Session there is more information on how to prepare for your session to give you further insights of what to expect.
  • I want to learn to channel, can anyone really do this?"
    Absolutely, this course is designed to bring the wisdom of higher consciousness into everyday life. It is designed to help you access higher parts of your own consciousness and other higher consciousness throughout the cosmos. You do not need any previous experience to learn how to channel in this course. It is designed to be able to take you from zero experience to being able to channel higher beings of love and light! The key to channelling is meditation and quitening your mind. This is something that you will master with practice and become better at the more you do it. The practice of meditation everyday is what will allow you to be come and adept channeler. The more you practice the more proficent you will become The course will meet you where you are at and open you up to channel in the way that works exactly best for you. It is something that will be fun and will also require dedication. This course will open you up to higher dimensions and levels of consciousness that will help shape your future realities by bringing more awareness into each living and breathing moment. This course rapidly accelerates your learning by bringing connections to you, opening your consciousness to these connections through activations, guided steps and meditations in the sessions. This is something that you can try by starting with one a 1 hour session and then booking the course thereafter if you want to experience more of what it is about. If you are sure you can just jump straight into the course! There are also a couple of blogs on learning to channel on my blog section that will give you some more info on my experiences with the Pleiadians. If you choose to do this course I am confident that it will improve and expand your life in many ways.
  • I still have futher questions...
    Please feel free to contact me via the contact button below and I will be happy to answer any further questions.
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