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Galactic channeling

Galactic Channeling Sessions connect you to your higher beings of love,light & guidance to allow you to live your life the truth of who you are.

I provide you with an open channel to receive and communicate with higher guidance in higher realms of conciousness such as the Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius and Orion star systems. I also open doors to The Plant Kingdom, The Mineral Kingdom and higher planes of existence in other worlds. Angelic and Divine consciousnesses communicate through me to provide you with information to live in the truth of who you are. 




is spoken directly to you from the beings of love and light through myself

(the channel)




Easily choose an available time slot, confirm, pay & receive a confirmation e-mail



we connect to higher beings of love and light to begin the session online


is received from the higher beings of love and light




interaction between you and the beings of love and light through the channel



You will receive and mp3 recording via



Galactic Channeling Sessions open up doors that you have not known were available to you before, to see past your own limitations. 

 With guidance from above a clearer and bigger picture is presented assisting you in making high vibrational choices in your life. If you are interested in knowing more about your higher path, purpose, love & relationships and receiving

 higher guidance book a session today.

Our sessions are available to you through an online booking system where you can easily choose a time that suits you and confirm a session. You will receive confirmation and preparation information by e-mail just choose a time and date that works for you. You can read more in the channeled preparation guidelines directly from the Pleiadian and Sirian beings!  The sessions will be over Skype or phone call and you can choose between 30 mins or 60 mins. Anyone can book a session, you do not need to be intuitive to be to communicate with higher guidance although you may find yourself receiving information directly in the session too!(We all have intuitive gifts!) Making a booking can be an experience in itself as you  have made a conscious choice to open to higher realms of consciousness. You may even start to receive your own guidance such as in dreams & synchronicities in your awareness. Booking a  session can be an experience in itself as you start to open yourself to higher realms of consciousness and you have physically asked the universe for help by booking with us. The guides and beings can start working with you before the session to help you prepare by bringing synchronicities into your awareness in daily life. They can also communicate yo you in in dreams to help you understand what you are ready to release and no longer serves you.



I will open the session with a brief meditation and prayer inviting in all of our Galactic Team, higher guides, beings of love and light, our higher selves, and surround us with a channel of love and light connecting us directly to source. I will say a prayer to ensure that all guidance is received for our highest greatest divine good and then the session will commence.


We usually start with information that flows through to begin the session or we may go into your prepared questions and receive answers directly from the cosmos. Feedback is an important part of the process as questions are answered, you are able to open dialogue with the higher guidance to understand more of what it is they are saying. Sessions are like a conversation between you and the beings, and can often include interactive exercises to provide, a deeper learning experience.  Our Galactic friends like to empower you, to help make your own realisations throughout the process, to receive the answer to your question and more than you thought you needed to know! They work with us in practical ways that we can expand our consciousness each day, and encourage you to develop contact with your own guides and inner wisdom too. 


You may feel different feelings, sensations and vibrations during the session. The energies that the words carry are so much more than what you hear, higher vibrational energies are transmitted to you. We will finish with gratitude to all of the beings and energies that have blessed us with their presence. You will receive an mp3 recording of your Galactic Channeling session to review at your own pace and integrate the information imparted to you.

A reading can sometimes be a difficult process bringing things up that we do not want to see about ourselves. Emotions can come to the surface which are ready to healed/revealed and released. Know that you are divinely guided and supported throughout your whole process by beings of unconditional love. Inner work is how you change your outer reality and with every challenge comes more love, freedom and understanding into our lives.

What to expect in your Galactic Channeling Session

Pleaidian Message - How is this transmitted to the Channel in a Galactic Channeling Session

“This is a Pleiadian transmission of light that brings awareness into your field that you are not alone in this Universe. The light that reaches us from our central sun is the same light that guides you home. This light is transmitted through our Galactic Channeling Sessions and also through our Cosmic Energy Healing Sessions, in which these vibrations bring you into a state of higher vibration than you are usually vibrating in. This transmission is a transmission of light that is translated by the higher mind, or higher self of the channel that you know as Michael. This transmission is then translated into words by the physical body of this being you call Michael, so that you may receive these transmissions in a way that you understand. This Galactic message is sent to you as a high vibrational code of light, so that you may know and understand that you are not alone in the universe. This is our wish that we may assist you in your awakening. To remind you that you are not drifting alone in this Universe, that you are divinely guided by beings of light such as ourselves and many others. This is the moment that we have all been waiting for and we are happy to be a part of your journey. We bid you good day” – The Pleiadian Collective

Pleiadian transmission of light - message transmitted from the Andromeda Galaxy

"Galactic Channeling is for anyone who would like to receive high frequency transmissions from other worlds, to open their consciousness to higher energy streams, to bring light and love into your life. This intergalactic transmission will bring energy from higher dimensional planes of light and love into your being. This intergalactic message is so you can communicate directly with us, we want to open our communication channels. This intergalactic transmission is ready to be received by all beings of light in the Universe. This is our mission to be able to come together in each intergralactic moment to bring Galactic insights and cosmic energy healing into your vibrational field. This intergalactic energy is sent from higher planes of existence into your high vibrational higher mind so that you are able to receive this intergalactic message, by tuning into your own higher consciousness. This is how we communicate with you. We thank you for tuning into this intergalactic broadcast. This message is brought to you via the Pleiadians from our friends in the Andromeda galaxy. We thank you for tuning into this transmission"

If you would like to learn how to channel higher beings in more detail we have specialised programs to develop your own intuition and channeling abilities! Learn more about our learn to channel courses and sessions here

Galactic Team



 If you cannot find a slot on the online booking system, I will make a time that works for you available. Know that if you are reading this some part of you wants to open up to a greater understanding of life, the universe and all that is!

Booking online is easy and intuitive

Galactic Channeling Sessions are to connect you to your higher beings of love,light & guidance to allow you to live your life the truth of who you are. I provide you wit...
Galactic Channeling Session 30 Minutes
30 min
Galactic Channeling Sessions are to connect you to your higher beings of love,light & guidance to allow you to live your life the truth of who you are. I provide you wit...
Galactic Channeling Session 60 Minutes
1 h
TOTAL PRICE IS $750 FOR 6 SESSIONS These sessions are available to book for deeper, ongoing healing and discovery with the higher beings of love and light that we work wi...
Galactic Channeling 6 x 60 min Sessions

Galactic Team - Contacting your Galactic Family and Friends!





Ra Consciousness

Christ Consciousness

Mary Magdalene

Mother Mary

Metatron + other Archangels

Plant Spirit Kindgom

Mineral Kingdom

Higher Self


+ more...

Our Galactic Team are friendly benevolent beings from within our Galaxy that are here to provide us with guidance, insights and wisdom to assist us on our ascension path. They work in miraculous ways to provide us with insights and ideas that we may not otherwise have grasped so quickly Their wisdom accelerates our growth on our ascension path and assits us in living more the truth of who we are.  Here are some of the Galactic Team who I regularly work with.

 I work directly with the Pleiadians as a point of contact to other beings within the Galaxy and beyond. They are my trusted guides and assist in creating an open channel for all of your spirit team, all of your own beings and wisdom and guidance to flow through. We would all like to thank you for connecting with us and we are excited to meet in a session soon!

Galactic Message from The Sirus Constellation

“This Galactic message comes from the Sirius constellation. We are a group of 6th Density beings who are guiding you on your intergalactic mission here on earth. The time has come for you to open your Galactic connections to assist you on your own healing journey.!The stellar gateways are open to be able to receive our light code transmissions. We want to guide you your own discovery of the light within your very being. You are a light body within a physical body, the time has come to remember that you are so much more than you thought you have been. This Galactic transmission is to assist you in awakening your own light that shines so bright yet sometimes you cannot see it. This is the mission that you have accepted, to be able to come to this earth to remember who you are and in the process awaken others around you. This is a Galactic transmission from the Sirius beings of light that are guiding you home on your journey.

- End of transmission”

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