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rebalance mind, body + spirit


heal + release trauma


assist in overcomingptsd + shock

overcome addictive behaviour  patterns


release trapped energy


align with your highest self


gain more energy


relex + release 



physical mental + emotional healing


Cosmic Energy Healing

Release and heal karmic patterns, trauma, imbalances and blockages

to live in the truth of who you are



Easily choose an available time slot, confirm, pay & receive a confirmation e-mail



of beings of love and light here to heal you for your highest good



Move into a space where you feel comfortable, can relax and lie down.



Quiet your mind and be open to receive. You may receive your own insights and intution of the healing process



the session will be gentle.

You will be in meditation throughout the healing



As we talk through the channeled information from the beings & your own insights

The cosmic energy healing sessions that I offer are from the etheric realms where time and space do not exist as we know it.


What may seem like 15 minutes on earth can be life times of healing in the higher dimensions. These lifetimes of healing are transmitted to your 3D mind/body/spirit complex. The results can be dramatic and life changing or subtle, powerful unique changes to each individual. I was a Reiki Master yet now what I practice is somewhat unique and different. I work with beings from all over the Galaxy to tune and revitalize your body/mind/spirit complex. This tuning harmonises the frequencies of your lifeforce so that natural healing and regeneration can take place. The healing sessions only need to take a relatively short period of time 30 or 45 minutes. This includes channeled information from the guides on how to further implement these changes into your life.


The Reiki sessions that I used to offer would take a lot longer and more sessions to even achieve a similar result as Cosmic Energy Healing Sessions. These cosmic energy healing sessions allow a large amount of high frequency healing energy to be concentrated in a short period of time, releasing blockages and restoring you to your natural state of healing within a short period of what we perceive as time.  Energy healing can be like is like a movie that plays, you may see some images and insights as you see the story unravel as you realign and bring greater harmony into your life.


The healing session will continue to work for the next few days after the session as cosmic connections are made to allow you to continue to receive cosmic healing vibrations well after the session is over. You may receive insights in dreams, visions, synchronicities as life unfolds and you integrate the healing. You can read more in the channeled preparation guidelines directly from the Pleiadian and Sirian beings! 

Release karmic patterns and programming to live in the truth of who you are. Heal trauma, imbalances, blockages and more The cosmic energy healing sessions that I offer ...
Cosmic Energy Healing 30 Minutes
30 min
Release karmic patterns and programming to live in the truth of who you are. Heal trauma, imbalances, blockages and more The cosmic energy healing sessions that I offer ...
Cosmic Energy Healing 60 Minutes
1 h
More about my Training

More about my training

I studied as a Reiki Master & Teacher in Dharamshala, India with one of world’s most renowned Reiki GrandMasters, Usha Dobhal, in the Vedic and Tantric Buddhist lineage of Reiki. I also work as a curandero at Casa Galactica which my wife and I co-founded in which we run Channeling + Plant Spirit Healing Retreats, Dietas, Courses and Sessions. Here in Peru I continue my study of curanderismo (Shamanism) and plant spirit medicine. This is within the Noya Rao lineage of the Shipibo tradition, whom of which I have studied with Don Enrique Lopez, Don Rono Lopez and now Don Urias Garcia Nunta.The main Master Teacher plant  this tradition is Noya Rao, a sacred tree that holds unconditional love for all beings on the planet. She watches carefully over each client as they uncover traumas and blockages that have held them back from their true self. She guides the energies from all of the traditions into unified peace love and harmony. These sessions are powerful, loving and caring unifying energies from all over the universe into one healing moment. You can experience bliss and harmony as your body rebalances itself to its natural state, a state of natural healing and regeneration.


Discover a higher alignment with yourself, free yourself from old trauma, bring higher energies of love and light into your being, open yourself to more joy, relaxation, tranquility, a restart and cosmic reboot!

How Cosmic Energy Healing Sessions Originated

When I started studying and working in the jungle, my connection to higher energies increased exponentially. My Reiki sessions that I gave became more and more powerful as the energy of the plants and the higher beings of the jungle infused with the Reiki energies  to provide Shamanic Reiki Sessions. I enjoyed this evolution of how two different traditions combined and the high energy vibrations that accompanied these healing sessions. There was a time when I thought that this path of healing would lead to me to a different direction to where I am now. I was activated by by a group of high level beings of love and light from Orion to be able to receive and transmit high level frequencies of healing from the stars. These activations opened connections to other higher beings throughout the cosmos. These energies have assisted me greatly inside and outside of ceremony, overcoming my own trauma and helping others overcome theirs. The frequencies eventually overtook the work that I have done with Reiki, which was a stepping stone for me to connect to the cosmic energies and channel their high frequency vibrations to the earth plane. 

Cosmic Energy Healing originated from the stars to bring healing and alignment here on earth. Working with me you receive the benefits of all of my trainings, all of my cosmic connections, beings plants and spirits that I work with. We are waiting for you to book an session and connect to their high vibrational healing frequencies!

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